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Virtual Sports Attraction

CLIENT: American Express
PROJECT: US Open – Super Rally  / Wimbledon – Champions Rally
PLATFORM: On-site Installation


Your Fans

The American Express Fan Experience goes beyond augmented reality to play tennis in both the digital and physical worlds.

Players enter one of eight bays and get a tutorial on how to play by Venus Williams. Using a custom-designed, 3D printed LED racket, fans hit virtual tennis balls against physical targets which illuminate as they are hit.

The experience uses life-sized transparent screens to allow passersby to view the game’s visuals enjoy the spectical.

Following the success of Super Rally at the 2018 US Open, American Express wanted to format the experience for a Wimbledon crowd. The smaller footprint and different fan base required two main updates.

Champions Rally was created to use the latest Virtual Reality headsets and a volumetric capture of Any Murray.